Wine Tasting in Mt. Sterling, IL

Wine TastingReady to swirl a spicy red, sip a fruity white or nose a fruit wine before enjoying a glass? Ridge View Winery offers wine tasting experiences at our wine bar and event venue in Mt. Sterling, IL, with each of our varietals available for you to experience. We welcome locals and travelers seeking to appreciate the diversity of vino, and we love to share our red, white and fruit wine list with those seeking a taste.

  • Wine Tastings for Everyone

    You don’t need to turn up your nose and wear your Sunday best to attend a wine tasting with us! We prefer to share the fruits of our labor with anyone who will appreciate them—from the seasoned oenophile to the couple on a first date who knows nothing about wine! Our wines are extremely approachable and offer a diverse experience of tastes that are welcomed by seasoned sippers and novice wine lovers alike.

  • Bring a Group and Celebrate

    Wine is a beverage best shared with friends and loved ones. Make a reservation at our wine bar for your group and let us know in advance that you’d like to participate in a tasting. We’ll wrangle a wonderful selection of Ridge View wines for you and your party to sample, including our playful whites, aromatic reds and renowned fruit wines. We promise a wine tasting everyone will enjoy!

Wine Bar

Sip at Our Wine Bar

If you find yourself in Mt. Sterling, Brown County, Hersman, Fargo, or Mound Station, IL with a taste for a glass of wine, you’ll find it at Ridge View Winery. In fact, we’ll uncork a few bottles for you to try! Schedule a wine tasting; contact us today by calling 217-289-3300 and let us know how many of you there are. We’ll be glad to give you a flavorful tour of the wines we’ve become so well known for.